Update (2/9/11): Acrony has been merged with Get Tiffany!

In order to pool players, Acrony has been added to Get Tiffany. To play Acrony:
  1. Go to the Get Tiffany installation page and install or load the game.
  2. Click 'Quick Start' on the bottom left of the login screen.
  3. Click 'Main Menu' at the bottom left of the next screen.
  4. Click 'Acrony' at the bottom left of the Main Menu (lobby).
  5. Select a current Acrony game or create a new one.
Acrony lets you compete online against other players to make the funniest phrase to a random acronym. Once everyone in the game-room has written their phrase, you then read and vote on the other players' phrases to see whose phrase is the funniest.
Pre-Merge Archive | Email: info@acrony.com
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